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In December 2022, HRET experienced a devastating barn fire

While celebrating this joyful holiday season, unfortunately, Holistic Riding Equestrian Therapy (HRET) has been on an emotional roller coaster ride. In the midst of celebrating the arrival of our donated retired draft horse from Culver Academy, HRET was confronted with an emotionally devastating fire in the riding arena at our new farm. It was a "good" fire as it did not spread to the stall barn which would have been fatal to our beloved equine friends (Thank You God!).  Read More

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grooming and forming relationships using horses as therapy


HRET is passionately committed to empowering the lives of individuals with varied physical, emotional, cognitive, and social abilities through the spirit of the horse  HRET offers a variety of skill appropriate classes meeting the needs of preschoolers on our ponies to independent riders on our program safe horses. We are an equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) program that provides horse and pony therapeutic riding and activities. Our classes are approximately an hour long and incorporate grooming and bonding time with horses or ponies in addition to riding. 


Our program cannot exist without your help.  By volunteering, donating goods or services, or financially contributing, you are helping us expand our programs and increase the amount of riders we serve. We strive to accommodate every rider.  Please help us reach our goal of being able to never turn anyone away! For many riders, cost can be a barrier- with your support and rider sponsorships, you can allow a rider to start and continue experiencing the empowerment of the horse.

Equestrian Special Olympics Illinois HRET


HRET's Homer Glen facilities allow us to offer private, semi-private, and group classes year-round within minutes of Chicago. 

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