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This program started out of a dream to empower others and to “never say no” to someone wanting to experience a connection with a horse. Marlene Karman, our Executive Director, and her husband Art Karman, started this dream through their own horses, money, hardwork, and love for working with children and horses.

Their passion for empowering others to attain their personal best has grown from helping one child with cerebral palsy on a pony to a program that helped over 30+ riders a week and had 200+ classes in the first year of HRET becoming a 501(c)3 organization. We now have many horses of varying sizes and skills to help reach our clients’ needs from ponies to large half draft crosses!

How We Got Started

We have various programs that incorporate riding, animal care, bonding with animals and team, and farm experiences as part of our curriculum to empower people's lives through physical, emotional, cognitive, and social aspects. We hope that you will join us as we are excited to keep expanding to serve more people and add more programs!



“I have a blast at this horse program with all the volunteers, coaches and the horses. This has been making me feel good lately and it is my favorite thing to do. It makes me happy. I am thankful to have a great team of positive people. I love the horses.  I love being part of this team!”

-Meaghan, Rider

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