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Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, make a difference in people's lives and experience an indescribable sense of purpose from serving others. At HRET, volunteers have the opportunity to work with horses as Horse Leaders and the riding participants as Side-walkers.

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Kathy & Emma Bunda


Chandra Murray



Come volunteer with us during our classes. Many of our riders require a 3:1 volunteer to rider ratio and we could not do this without your help! We have people who lead the horse during class ("Leaders") and people who help keep our riders safe by walking along the side of a rider during class. ("Side-walkers"). 


Don't want to work directly with the horses or kids or don't have the time? We have multiple other volunteer opportunities with our program such as photographers, grant writers, fundraising committee members, and administrative work. 


Please contact us at to learn about all the ways you can help the program.

No Prior Horse Experience Required!

Please contact to start your journey with volunteering at HRET!


Minimum 14 years of age

Physically capable of walking for 30 to 45 minutes

Attend 1 Training a year

Commit to a regular volunteer schedule of 1 day a week for approximately 2 sessions

Side-walker Training 

To become a side-walker, please attend one of our side-walker trainings! Being a sidewalker is a valuable way to interact and build long-lasting friendships with our riders.

Leader Training 

To start learning more about our horses, get hands on experience, and to start the process of becoming a qualified leader, please attend one of our leader orientation trainings! The horse leader has the job of leading the horse around the arena during classes. Please note that anyone who wants to be a horse leader has to also attend a sidewalker training.


Our riding program cannot exist without exceptional, dependable and dedicated volunteers! If you have a passion for horses, helping individuals, or a passion to make a difference,

contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

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