Program Overview

Our veterans pilot program is our newest program lasting 4- 6 weeks. We will initially offer separate male and female classes. Each week, classes will consist of a short briefing followed by interactions with our horses. Classes consist of each veteran being partnered with a horse. Classes will begin by focusing on equine care, groundwork, horsemanship skills, and bonding/trusting their horse and team members, leading up to the possibility of mounting the horses. After the pilot program, we will have open veteran classes and will continue to have female only programs. Morning, afternoon, and evening classes are available. 

How can you get involved?

1. Nominate a veteran or service member to participate in our program 

2. Volunteer for a program

We would love your help with our veteran or other programs at HRET! Please contact us             at to sign up. Volunteering is also very rewarding and therapeutic!

3. Financially sponsor 

     Help us keep this program at no cost to the veterans we serve!

4. Spread the word!

     Like us on Facebook: Holistic Riding Equestrian Team and tell all your friends


Physical, emotional, cognitive, and social benefits occur during veteran’s equine programs. It can be beneficial for veterans with physical or mental ailments such as TBI, chronic pain, or PTSD.   Experiences with horses help to enhance memory, physical strength and movement, problem solving, and emotional aspects of veteran’s lives. For example, one research study found that participants who completed 12 class sessions had increases scores in 6 of 8 health domains, those who complete 24 sessions had increased scored in 7 of 8 health domains, and that participants had fewer depression symptoms over time (Lanning & Krenek, 2013). These health domains included physical and emotional aspects and participants stated they felt increased sociability, decreased isolation, increased sense of hope, and increased need to serve others.


“Working with horses through the a PATH Veterans program brought me back to life.  The horses gave me a purpose and taught me how to be present in my life again.  I didn’t even know I needed it until I was doing it. ”

-Rebecca Spring





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