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Farm Experience

Our farm experience program combines both riding and a farm program component. The farm program builds on the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social benefits gained in equine therapy through participation in farm chores and activities. Individuals have the opportunity to learn and care for animals and agriculture, while creating interest and hope for future educational and career opportunities. These sessions best serve classes or groups, which allows organizations to bring more participants at one time while allowing each rider to experience both riding and the farm.

Day At The Farm

Dr. Sue Feeney

Assistant Superintendent

"This program is really head and shoulders above all the others that are out there. It's second to none."

A day at the farm is an opportunity for those who would like to bring classroom or groups out to experience the farm and interact with the horses for a 1-3 hour field trip. These are tailored to the needs and wants of the participants and leaders/teachers. These experiences are for groups who cannot participate in our 4-6 week sessions or want to experience the farm before committing to a session. Please note that riding will not occur in these farm visits.



"One great teaching moment was when a participant who normally doesn't talk got excited about our butterfly class and exclaimed "It's a chrysalis!" very loudly and proudly to his classmates. He apparently kept talking about it even on the bus ride home."


Teacher Testimonial





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