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E-Learning Programs for Individuals, Schools, and Organizations

Having difficulty keeping your family or children engaged during e-learning? Let HRET help!

Numerous topics available for all skills sets, goals, and needs! Our programs are interactive and include recorded live videos  by HRET and activities revolving around our horses, animals, nature, and more! 









Reasons why our E-Learning is beneficial to your family or program!

A) Choose an educational program using agriculture, nature, and horse topics to make learning academics, social, or emotional standards engaging.

- Make learning fun!

- Material tailored to age and skill level

- Work on reading, science, math, communication, and more skills using an exciting animal and nature platform 

B) Increase your knowledge about horses! (Also see our Equine Dream Program) 

C) Spark interest in animals and nature!

D) Create interest in continuing education and post-graduate

career opportunities working with animals, agriculture, or in nature.

Some topics we teach include:

- How to care for animals

- Health

- Grooming

- Nutrition

- Reading animal signs and body language

- Making ice cream from cow's milk

- Breeds, colors, and markings

- Metamorphosis

- Gardening and planting

For our lessons we use animals such as:

- Butterflies

- Chickens

- Cows

- Donkeys

- Goats

- Horses and ponies

- and many more!

We have experience working with school

districts and individual families. Contact us

today so we can create a custom package to

meet your needs!

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