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Shareboarding and Sponsorship opportunities available! Contact us to learn more about helping to take care of and ride an available horse!



Shiloh is an 18 year old quarter horse paint who served as a therapy horse for six years before taking a break to enjoy trail riding. Shiloh returned as our most comfortable trot horse and the best looking gelding at the barn!



Pregunta is an eight year old retired thoroughbred polo pony whose beauty and sweet temperament has made her a favorite of many riders and volunteers.  

Dancer 2.jpg


Dancer is a 25 year old Arabian/Saddlebred chestnut gelding. His namesake reflects his personality, for he is known for prancing and dancing around out in the field. He is best friends with Amir. The two came to HRET recently in the summer of 2019.

Oliver is a donated 18 year old Rocky Mountain gaited horse. He has been trained for trail riding, loves kids and is happiest when he is working with them. Oliver is a been there, done that horse and not much fazes him! 




Holly is with HRET while her owner serves a six year tour with the United States military forces. Holly’s affectionate nature makes her easy to love.



Missy is a 20 year old half-draft. She was a fox-hunting horse known for her calm and bomb-proof behavior before retiring from the field. Missy LOVES to eat and enjoys being outside when she is not working.

Tony and Tina, our two inseparable ponies, serve our junior community under 8 years old and under 60 pounds.

Tony and Tina

Angus 4.jpg


Angus is an 12 year old Shire weighing in at 2,200 lbs and standing a whopping 17.5 hands tall. Angus is a gentle giant with a very docile temperament and was originally from Kansas where he started as an Amish work horse. With his large size and stature, he can easily carry almost any rider and will be a great asset to our veterans program! We are lucky his owners let us use him!

Amir is a 17 year old full Arabian. He is known for his sweet nature, his brotherly bond with Dancer, and his smooth canter transition and gait!! Amir loves being in classes and getting to work with the kids, as well as riding out on trail.


Amir 2.jpg

Horses That Left a Legacy

Thank you to the horses who helped so many of us

Baldy was our distinguished 34 year old who retired from the CPD Mounted Patrol. Baldy’s training and experience made him a relaxed and calm horse in any situation - after all, even fireworks or busy streets didn’t bother him!

We will always miss our Grumpy Old Man! He was our founding horse and had the proud honor of being many a riders first riding experience!




Story was a very patient quarter horse who was a favorite of many of our youngest riders. He was loved by many, but especially his owner Rhonda. Story always knew who was on his back and made sure to be extra good when he had a young or nervous rider.

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